The Free Market

A midafternoon harbinger.
A debris field of feathers.
A smaller bird

Two wings
held together
by a sternum
picked clean,
stained red—
a warning

sniffed by every passing dog

There will be more—
but eventually, things
are supposed to right


© S Jones 2020

Fundy Tides

Rugged coastlines, rockhounding, family, and nostalgia. My short story, Fundy Tides, was uploaded to the Short Édition Short Story Dispenser at the central branch of the Calgary Public Library in 2019. Fundy Tides will make another appearance in a forthcoming related anthology featuring short reads by Calgary writers (more details soon). You can also read it online.

Spring 2020 Lit Mag Poems

Excited to be included in the spring issues of two amazing lit mags, Grain Magazine and Room Magazine. “Grandmother’s Lunch” is included in Grain (issue 47.3) and “90s Brows” is included in Room (issue 43.1, “Hair”). Some of my literary idols have been published in the pages of these mags and being included in the current issues is a dream come true. Check out the links to learn where you can get a copy.

“Doubling time” in March 2020: A COVID-19 Anthology

The tεmz Review, 845 Press, and Collusion Books have collaborated to produce two digital chapbook anthologies inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. These chapbooks are hot off the press and contain work from contributors all over the world.

My poem, “Doubling time,” is included in the March 2020: A COVID-19 Anthology chapbook edited and published by the tεmz Review and 845 Press. Click here for details on how to get a copy of March 2020 or to learn more about the temz Review/Collusion Books collaboration anthology.

The books were created to encourage and support charitable giving. Details are provided on their website. Happy reading!

“Incantations” published in Blanket Sea

I am thrilled to have five poems and one art image published in Blanket Sea.

Blanket Sea is an inclusive literary magazine focused on stories and voices touched by chronic illness and mental illness. The content is available for free online and one of my favourite features is the accessible audio recording that accompanies each publication.

You can read or listen to “Incantations” here. Be sure to stick around and enjoy the thought-provoking work by a diverse group of contributors.


Aspects, working expectations
wise words, friend. Waiting we
connect sharing life and learn.
Together intentions focus you
unexpected journey, offer them
intention. Experience whatever.
Sanity starts with knowing why
what, want. See this reflection.

© SF Jones 2017

Found poetry created with words collected from pages 68 – 69 of Willard, Christopher (2016) Growing up mindful; Essential practices to help children, teens, and families find balance, calm, and resilience. Boulder, Colorado, Sounds True, Inc.

Straight fantasy.

Dream sequence.

Perfect buns
pinned with ease by touches
that tousle instead of tangle.

Curtains of hair cut under bowls
with ends flipped out or under, parted in the middle
and combed when dry.

Bangs trimmed straight across
wispy or windswept
fresh from a walk along the cobble beach.


I have the kind of hair that traps the sun.

A halo of frizz that laps up fog and rain,
a spider web catching the morning dew.

My eccentric monument

of strong-armed strands
dark, kinky and coarse
with matching eyebrows and armpits
more stubborn than smooth centerfolds.

Medusa’s curse
wild and unwilling, a chaos of coils
with a habit of clinging to
the night before.

© SF Jones, 2016