He sprays outside
9 2 5 day in
day out bathing bricks
in neutrality.

Fast fix that
wanes with stranded smog
acidic and stagnant /
etching cement and loosening grains.

He watches it crumble

history, dreams, and déjà vu
repeat the circuit 925.

Mesh meant to catch
chunks missed / he’d watched
the fall the splitting skull

a casual mistake need no
one pay

mind when

He coats the body to see
what happens
when you seal her life

© SF Jones, 2014

Dystopia is a poetic worldbuilding project. Each day for the next week, I will post a poem that exposes the characteristics of a fictional setting. The pieces will showcase the physical conditions and/or the emotions and interactions of the people who live there. Let your imagination run wild; I will do the same.

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