Two poems on blue skies poetry

I am excited to have two poems published on blue skies poetry. These two pieces were part of the Second Annual Calgary Poetry Shuffle, organized by the RE:act Collective. Click here to visit blue skies poetry and read my work.

When Poets Write Travel

Poetry is the focus of mediumblackdog, but I also enjoy trying my hand at other writing styles. Just over a year ago, I hiked the western segment of the Lycian Way in Turkey. I purchased a self-guided walking holiday package from Macs Adventure, an adventure holiday specialist based out of the United Kingdom.

Macs Adventure publishes a quarterly online magazine and an annual information brochure. I am thrilled that my work, Sensory Turkey, is featured on pages 118-121 of their brochure, Walking Adventure and Discovery 2015. Use the embedded links to visit the Macs Adventure website, view the hot off the press 2015 brochure including my article, and get some adventure inspiration. Then revisit Kayaköy, a poem inspired by one of the most haunting locations on the hike.