A week of prairie weather

Downdraft. Gusts of omen / funnel down and flatten / fields, biting at roofs / flipping shingles.

Anvil. The storm spreads, pushes / at the top of the world / fuelled by frigid air funnelled up the centre.

Pellets score across dimpled roofs / and metal jamming troughs / leaving runoff to spit and gurgle over the edge.

Cumulonimbus. Squall shears fields / silos ripe with grain / buckshot spray of ice on tin.

Funnel. Wind warning winding the wagging / tail sweeping back and forth / a horse whip churning the late afternoon.

Thick summer rain rolls over / afternoon’s back flashes steam / surface hot with sticky tar.

Skull split pressure drop draws / skies open cloud bottoms bubble up / sagging quilted mammatus pillows.

© SF Jones, 2016

A compilation of one week of micropoetry Tweets.