A family name

es for girls, is for boys.
She isn’t common and I have
the bad habit
of dropping her for simplicity.

F, for Frank
over the phone spelling my email.
Not because I like Frank better or
because I think he’s more interesting.
Just because he’s easy.
People know him. They get it
right the first time.

September is still summer
in Charleston. And I stand
alone among sharp inhalations
displays of tools and shackles
and ledgers with family names.
A private moment
in a public place too real for photos.
I won’t forget
where Francis came from.

I say her name more often
Write her down
with equal weight.
She speaks
and if I listen she tells
invisible bedtime stories
that remind me of
where Frances came from.

© SF Jones, 2014

My take on the Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge, “Digging for Roots”.  


eN Oh

Learn to say it. Use
I am NOT free.
each letter

eN Oh

stands for something
try making
shapes with your
eN Oh

Practice equals
perfect – Employ
No / NO / eN Oh / nO
Not a chance
Not once

we are not for free
i am not for free

eN Oh.

© SF Jones, 2014

Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge


Handpicked obsidian displayed

in formal black and white / like

avocets and stilts.


foraging fleas and tiny shellfish.

Balanced on the mantle

a clinking heap of found glass

punctuated with foamy flasers.

Coarse pumice.

Conchoidal ripples splash the shimmering


sharp and cold to hunter’s hand.

Winter circles flap above / searching for

prizes in what was once molten.


© SF Jones, 2014


Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge.