Aspects, working expectations
wise words, friend. Waiting we
connect sharing life and learn.
Together intentions focus you
unexpected journey, offer them
intention. Experience whatever.
Sanity starts with knowing why
what, want. See this reflection.

© SF Jones 2017

Found poetry created with words collected from pages 68 – 69 of Willard, Christopher (2016) Growing up mindful; Essential practices to help children, teens, and families find balance, calm, and resilience. Boulder, Colorado, Sounds True, Inc.


Densely tufted
bushy upper parts
damp conspicuous crowns
bearing threadlike
sharp teeth.
Leathery yellow and
prominently veined.
White-woolly silky midribs.
Erect and obscure
feather-like yet


© S.F. Jones, 2016

Poem created from found text:
Kershaw, Linda, Joyce Gould, Derek Johnson, and Jane Lancaster, Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta. Edmonton: The University of Alberta Press, Natural Resources Canada, and Canadian Forest Services, 2001.


Simultaneous assumptions,
not to be confused
with logic,
in any inconsistent argument
cannot be a surprise.
A wager
that can lead to ruin—
irrational intimacy, the solution
to overabundance in which
water is more useful
than diamonds.

© SF Jones, 2015

In response to the Found Poetry Review prompt Paradox Poem.

Poem created from found text:
Wikipedia contributors, “List of paradoxes,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed November 11, 2015).


Self-appointed agents
inherently irrational incessant
The worst one yet
regression / the usual terror
permanent risk go
Days are gone legitimate
everyone turn against virally
imposing / can’t won’t don’t
Going to hell abandoned
chaotic eventually
anticipate anything
could go wrong.

© SF Jones, 2015

In response to the Found Poetry Review prompt Change.

Poem created from the original work:
Turak, August, 2014. Forbes. Fear of Change and 6 Ways to Overcome it. Accessed March 18, 2015.

I’ll remember you

He has it,
the first word.
It’s about time.

I hear the waves
too soon.

Come and get it
he called me
all day long
however you like it.

If we were older.

He called me
into the water,
it’s about time.
From here to there
each of us
up in the air
more than the other.

I noticed the fire
the stars came out.

Perhaps we should
feel the warm ocean,
if we were older
give it away
all day long.

The answer is yes
come and get it.

© SF Jones, 2014


Written in response to the Found Poetry Review prompt, Instant Phrases. Created from Dr. Edward Fry’s Instant Phrase List (as hosted by Timothy Rasinski, Ph.D.).