Glassy lineaments, molten
splitting and stretching
with heat and novel life—

remote and resolved
flat, forced reminders
postpartum lines that linger.

Swollen hemispheres
rugged, coarse and fertile—

faults and valleys
impressionable and soft
records of newness quenching
under polar caress.

© SF Jones, 2015


Handpicked obsidian displayed

in formal black and white / like

avocets and stilts.


foraging fleas and tiny shellfish.

Balanced on the mantle

a clinking heap of found glass

punctuated with foamy flasers.

Coarse pumice.

Conchoidal ripples splash the shimmering


sharp and cold to hunter’s hand.

Winter circles flap above / searching for

prizes in what was once molten.


© SF Jones, 2014


Inspired by the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge.