Who unpacks
into hotel drawers?

I leave

a deep moat
of air

between me and others.

She left her robe
on the back of the door.

I know it was on purpose.


Aspects, working expectations
wise words, friend. Waiting we
connect sharing life and learn.
Together intentions focus you
unexpected journey, offer them
intention. Experience whatever.
Sanity starts with knowing why
what, want. See this reflection.

© SF Jones 2017

Found poetry created with words collected from pages 68 – 69 of Willard, Christopher (2016) Growing up mindful; Essential practices to help children, teens, and families find balance, calm, and resilience. Boulder, Colorado, Sounds True, Inc.

Straight fantasy.

Dream sequence.

Perfect buns
pinned with ease by touches
that tousle instead of tangle.

Curtains of hair cut under bowls
with ends flipped out or under, parted in the middle
and combed when dry.

Bangs trimmed straight across
wispy or windswept
fresh from a walk along the cobble beach.


I have the kind of hair that traps the sun.

A halo of frizz that laps up fog and rain,
a spider web catching the morning dew.

My eccentric monument

of strong-armed strands
dark, kinky and coarse
with matching eyebrows and armpits
more stubborn than smooth centerfolds.

Medusa’s curse
wild and unwilling, a chaos of coils
with a habit of clinging to
the night before.

© SF Jones, 2016